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K-100 E-Z Way Applicator

K-100 K-100
The K-100 E-Z Way applicator from Applicator Technology, Inc. is a light weight, completely self- contained gravity fed system that lays down a smooth, uniform 24-inch coating of floor finish as you pull it along. It incorporates a 2 1/2 gallon polyethylene tank with a flow control valve adjustment. It also includes a complete frame assembly with plastic lower plate and manifold tube section for dispensing your product.

The applicator is a great time saver. One operator can easily do the job of three or more persons and the 2 1/2 gallon tank is sufficient enough to apply wax up to 7500 square feet of floor surface depending on heaviness of application.

The applicator was designed for applying WATER based products, such as wax and water based gym finish, asphalt, vinyl tile, terrazzo, paver tile, concrete or wood floor.

When applying wax or gym finish make sure that you use separate applicators to apply either finish. DO NOT USE THE SAME APPLICATOR. You will contaminate the tank and compromise your job.

There are two different pads available for your choice depending on the finish you are applying.

The KV-2400 is a long napped poly-blend pad made of cotton and polyester,is 24" inches long with grommets that attaches easily to the frame assembly, and is designed for wax application.

The KV-4400 is a 24" inch Synthetic lambswool pad that is designed to apply water based gym finish.

The Pads are not included with the applicator. They are sold separately in a case of twelve pads each.