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K-200 E-Z Way Applicator

K-200 K-200
The K-200 Applicator incorporates specially designed components for the express purpose of applying solvent based coatings, such as concrete floor seals and gymnasium floor finishes. The manifold has been made of aluminum to resist solvent attack. The frame assembly has a wood base to provide the stability found in standard lamb's wool applicators and a specially designed synthetic lamb's wool pad to aid in the application of a smooth, uniform coating.

Aside from these necessary changes for the handling of solvent based coatings, this model gives you all the outstanding advantages of the original E-Z Way, such as:

Light weight portability - Completely assembled it weighs ten pounds.

Self-contained gravity fed system - no cumbersome pressure tanks required.

Time, work and money saving one-man operation, covering as much as 10,000 sq. ft. in less than two hours, as opposed to about 10 man hours of work with the traditional wood block applicator. Think of the money saved in a year's time!

Uniform application - positive control of the coating which eliminates the back-breaking job of feathering out the finish.

No wasting material. The coating material is never contaminated, so there's no need to throw away any leftover material. Just empty it back into the original container for use on the next job.

All pads on the applicator can be replaced if a part should break or wear out.